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We are extremely confident in the health of all our live shrimps we send out and combined with our shipping methods, we offer you Live Arrival Guarantee. We have posted so many shrimps before and there has been no casualty so far and we strike to keep up to this high standard.

In order for this Guarantee to be valid, please take your time reading the following information.

We do apologise for any genuine buyers out there, but we have to protect ourselves from being scammed also.


Our Shrimps Packaging & Unpacking


At we don't go cheap on packaging your order. We use appropriate  foam poly box to make sure your shrimp bags are secure and prevent any potential damage during transit.

All shrimps are packed in breather bag with no more than 15 shrimps in 1 bag - that is our policy.

For shipping under Royal Mail Special Delivery service, the box is clearly marked as Live Invertebrates/ Live Fish Fry and Urgent sticker will be apply, together with the Handle With Care tape.

Dead On Arrival (DOA) Reporting

In the unlikely event of your order being DOA, please report to us via email within 1 hour after signing for your parcel, to inform us of the matter.

In addition, within 4 hours, you will be required to provide

·       1 x photographic evidence of the dead shrimp in its original and unopened breather bag

·       1 x photographic evidence of the dead shrimp in open container, but still in water (we will not accept photo of the shrimp not in water in the event of casualty)

All photographs need to be clear and not distorted. Without clear photo we are unable to process the claim.

Failure to be present to sign for your parcel on the agreed delivery date will void all the claims.

In the event of higher cost shrimp, we will require you to post the dead shrimp back to us and we will cover your return postage cost in this case.

Upon satisfaction evidence of the DOA, we will promptly issue a refund of the casualty to your account, and this can be used on any products on our website.

Please note we DO NOT issue refund on postage cost under any circumstances, as this has been paid to courier services.

Acclimatisation Procedures

Acclimating your new shrimps is a vital process to ensure they survive and thrive in your tank. There are plenty of methods available but most of them are very similar, below is our own guidance, which we have found to work best.

  1. In winter, please allow the shrimps bag to be warm up in normal room temperature for at least 1 hours, this will equalise the temperature of the water inside the bag to the room temperature.
  2. Slowly cut the breather bag up inside a small container, make sure you remove any moss or plants that come with the bag, just in case shrimps are hiding inside.
  3. Using a piece of airline or similar with an air control valve attached, if one is not available then just tie a knot in the airline. Start to siphon from one end so that the water can drip slowly from the tanks into the container. It is recommended to keep the drip rate at 1 per second.
  4. Once the TDS is matched, please let the drip for another 30 minutes and then you can net the shrimps into your tank. You can then either discard the water in the container or pour back into your tank. 

We recommend the whole process for around 2 hours to ensure the new shrimps is fully acclimated and preventing from being omosis shock.

This one off & careful process is vital to your new shrimps, ensuring them a long-term success.

For Overseas customer - IMPORTANT

Please note we 
DO NOT offer Live on Arrival guarantee on your shrimp’s order, due to the Customs delay or transit delay. Shipping outside of UK is at buyer's risks. However, we will put in extra number of shrimps to cover any potential damages. In our experiences, up till now we have 0% dead shrimps on arrival.

Updated: Please note, shipping to any countries outside the UK is at the buyer's own risk. We do not accept any responsibilities if any problem occurs.

By placing an order meaning you've accepted this specific Terms & Conditions and we do not take responsibility for any problem arise after dispatching the parcels.

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