We are group of UK shrimp keepers and breeders. We were born with dignity, grown up with refinements and putting our heart into every shrimps we breed and every products we offer.

ShrimpCorner.co.uk believe that shrimp keeping is a very enjoyable hobby and breeding them is a very simple matter. There should be no gimmericks therefore we are formed to help UK and others shrimp keepers with our experiences & tested products in order to get you on the right track in this hobby.

We are a group of UK shrimp keepers & breeders that have our normal daily routine & jobs but the passion for this hobby would ensure you that we will give you the best possible solution.

Our business is a shrimp focused online shop at heart, we strive to provide you with an exceptional quality shrimps, essential shrimp products that can make your shrimp keeping & breeding more effective.

We are the pushing the boundaries of personal greed and materials, we offer our shrimps & products without any compromise.

How our pricing strategy works

Very simple, please see the photo below to fully understand about our pricing strategy.