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Saturday Guarantee delivery is available at extra cost.
All shrimp orders come with Live On Arrival Guaranteed.

Premium Shrimp Selection

In addition to the common shrimp's section, we also have Premium Shrimp selection where you can find high quality or rare shrimp in this hobby. Shrimp in this section are sold according to grades and price is per shrimp, unless stated in group quantity. 

This Premium section may not be suitable for everyone due to the shrimp's prices. However, the prices are reflection of the time & efforts that needed to create/ selected breed these shrimp. 

We've priced our shrimp competitively to other shrimp retailers in UK & the whole EU (even though UK is now Brexited). We are more than happy to Price Match 'like for like' shrimp, so please get in touch with us to discuss and we will beat that price! Don't forget we offer Live on Arrival Guarantee on all caridina species, therefore your purchase is safe with us.

Welcome to the

Home of UK Bred shrimp

We specialise in breeding Caridina shrimp species since 2010
in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Our Shrimp Corner started in 2012 and has been growing ever since.
Thank you for all your supports, without YOU we wouldn't be able to get this far bringing up the UK Shrimp's hobby.

Awards Winning Breeder

We have won several prizes in Shrimp Competitions world wide. We are proud to use our knowledges to bring up the UK's shrimp hobby. By buying shrimp with us, you are guaranteed for the following:

High Quality Control

We focus on selected breeding of all our shrimp species. If we sell a shrimp as graded, it will be the exact grade you will receive, or sometimes we will upgrade to a better grade for you.

Healthy Shrimp Guaranteed

We carry out health checks on all the shrimp we picked & send. We guarantee our shrimp do not have any short carapace nor missing limbs. If we do make this mistake, we will refund you right away.

Experienced Shrimp Breeder

Over 10 years experienced in breeding premium shrimp with state of the art facilities. On the other hand, we have helped many UK breeders with good track records.

Good Genetics Line

Our shrimp for sale are the result of many selected breed processes. We keep species to species only to ensure the genetic lines can be maintained as much as possible. Therefore, our shrimp always carry good reproduction rate.

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