STORM KU Germs Tea Bag

STORM KU Germs Tea Bag

A must for every shrimp tank

Replenish the tank with constant food source of microorganism and helping to maintain the fulvic acid in soft water shrimp tank


Product Name: Storm KU Germs Tea Bag

Bacteria: KU Germs and fulvic acid

Function: Effectively enhance the nitrogen cycle, maintaining the fulvic acid level in freshwater species.


Just add one bag (each bag contains 2 smaller tea bags and use both of them) - hanger included

It is normal for your tank to go cloudy for a day or two after putting this tea bag in, this is because of the changes in beneficial bacterials being added into the current tank. 

It is normal to have white fungi fluffy stuff growing on the outside of the back. This is the end product of the good living bacteria being created. Please don't remove this, the shrimp will eat it

Note: After opening, please avoid direct sunlight and humid environment

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