STORM Ecological Bacterial Powder...

STORM Ecological Bacterial Powder (EBG) - 35g

One of the best bacterial products for freshwater shrimp that require soft pH and cooler water.

17th Feb update: Due to unable to get anymore stock (Covid 19), so we are now offering the EBG in plain zip bag 

This is from our bulk 500g bag and we are splitting them into normal 35g bag to be able to keep all UK shrimp keepers/ breeders' tanks in tip top condition


Product Name: Storm Ecological Bacteria Group (EBG) 35g

Bacteria: OYK Bacteria and vitamins formula

Function: Effectively enhance the nitrogen cycle, balance aqua ecosystem and suppress algae growth.


New tank setup: Daily add in the first three weeks (may double the dose).

Usual maintenance: Please add once a week (with Storm Activator together for better effects). 10 ml of Nitrifying Bacteria for approximately 100 liters of tank water.

It is normal to have deposition because of living bacteria. Please shake well before use.

Note: After opening, please avoid direct sunlight and humid environment

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