Trade In Scheme – initially for our customers / members only

Hello our Shrimp Keepers ! 

It has been a long haul for us at Shrimp Corner, and we have been through some ups and downs. But, we have managed to keep up with the latest trends in the shrimp hobby for us here in the UK. We have been continuously bringing new shrimps to our hobby, breeding them and then offering our home-bred offspring back at much lower prices for our members and customers, closing the gap between UK and European shrimp-keeping. 

We are now pleased to offer a TRADE-IN scheme for shrimp breeders/ keepers in the UK, to help UK shrimp keepers and breeders to get even closer to the premium shrimps that can only be seen from overseas at present. 

As an incentive and thank you for all your custom we invite our member keepers and breeders to trade in their own home-bred shrimp for store credit which can be exchanged for equipment or the newest shrimp types.

Why trade-in with Shrimp Corner? 

  1. We have a dedicated shrimp facility that has over 10,000L of tank water with hundreds of different species.
  2. We have the passion and courage to source and breed latest high-end shrimp.
  3. We understand the desire to have the latest shrimp in your tank.
  4. You can trade-in at our unit & walk out with all the new shrimp. Trade-in via post is at our discretion only
  5. Saves you trouble from selling them piecemeal, and potential associated selling fees.

Initially we will trial this scheme for our customers & members only and MAY expand it to everyone if it works well 

Help us to help you!

Terms & Conditions

  1. We will only accept shrimp at size 1 to 1.2cm maximum, and will accept all varieties of Caridina shrimps, but NOT neocaridina. We accept Sulawesi shrimps, restricted to White Orchird, Cardinals only.
  2. We will value your shrimp base on colouration, size and our current selling price and will provide you with an estimate first before finalising the trade-in.
  3. Shrimp trade-in is for our store credit only (no cash value), or you can trade it against any shrimps or any live shrimp that are in stock that you would like to purchase.
  4. Trade-in by post is only at our discretion and we will not hold responsibility for them in the transit. This must be agreed in principle before you can send shrimp in to us this way.
  5. We reserve the right to reject the trade-in without reason.

 Any questions relating to this scheme, please send us an email to

 Thank you for your support

 Shrimp Corner Team