Yellow King Kong Shrimp

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Shipping size 1cm

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  • Name: Yellow King Kong Shrimp (Cardina Serrata sp.)

    Grade: N/A

    Origin: UK Bred by us

    Care Requirement: EASY/ MEDIUM

    Maxium Growth Size: 2.5cm

    Water Parameters:

    pH: 5.8-6.5
    TDS: 140-180
    GH: 4-6
    kH: 0-2

    Temperature: 21-23 (optimum), but they can stay in 19 to 24 degree

    Shipping Size: 1-1.2cm (strictly at this size)

    - We ship at this size so that we can ensure the shrimp can adapt to your tank water easily, and less stress in transit

    - Due to the cold weather, this size is best for shipping.

    - Also we can impartial on the sex of shrimps we are sending out as it is impossible to determine their sex at this size. Yellow King Kong shrimps are very similar looking at young age and they do not show the sign of sexes until they reach maturity or until you can see the saddle.


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    Yellow King Kong Shrimp

    Yellow King Kong Shrimp

    Shipping size 1cm

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