Triangle Poso Rabbit Snail

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Rabbit snail is the most sought after snails because of their small form factor.

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  • This is adult size we are selling, not small baby size which could take a year to grow

    These rabbit snails (poso, elephant snails are the names for the same species) are suitable for any tropical fish tank or a great companion in your shrimp tank.

    However if you are keeping in caridina shrimp tanks, the shell on these snails may get corroded (leaving holes on the shell), due to the low pH and gH value, but they are absolutely fine to keep.

    To acclimate them correctly, upon receipt of your order, unpack the shrimp in a suitable container & drip acclimating slowly (1 drip per second). Doing this for 1 hour would be ideal. Then place the snail at the soil/gravel level inside the aquarium. Keep the light off, the snail will start to venture out and exploring. However it is normal if the snails decided to stay inactive for a few days before they can get used to the environment.

    Rabbit snails often hide inside their shells in the new environment, they may seem dead but they may not be. To check if the snail is dead, inspect the top of the snail, if the body completely withdrawn all the way to the bottom of the shell (you cannot see the trap door) OR you can smell it, the dead snail will smell rotten. If there is no rotten smell and you can still see the trap door, the snail is still alive.

    Please note: regarding the price options, we have 2 options - please select this at the time of order.

    At Your Own Risk Price = this is a cheaper price for each snail, and this does is at your own risk, no DOA cover. But we will provide pics of the actual snails we send out to you. 

    DOA Covered Included = This is a more expensive price, but you are covered for any DOA on the rabbit snails.

    In the event of any DOA, we will require a photo of the snail (the top part where the hole is), and we will issue a CREDIT refund back to your account so you can buy anything else in store. And this must be provided within 1 hour of receiving your order.

    By placing the order, you've agreed to the terms & conditions above regarding the DOA cover. We cannot be hold responsible for any DOA if wrong  options have been chosen, or no photos reported within 1 hour of receiving the order.

    We are here to help so if you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please send us an email to or if you are regulars, you already know how to get in touch :)


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    Triangle Poso Rabbit Snail

    Triangle Poso Rabbit Snail

    Rabbit snail is the most sought after snails because of their small form factor.

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