T2 HMF Sponge Filter

We offer no quibble refund on Satisfaction Guarantee - Simply return the filter to us within 30 days for a FULL refund.

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  • T2-25 - Up to 25cm height tank
  • T2-30 - Up to 30cm height tank
  • T2-40 - For tank up to 40cm height

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  • The T2 filter is our handmade filtration system, provides a perfect combination of an effective, silent and yet very powerful filtration system. This filter is designed using our experience - trying out different sponge sizes, air lift tube forms; to provide the optimum flow for your aquarium.  

    The T2 filter consists of the 3 following parts:

    The sponge - have sourced sponges that are specifically designed for aquatic use in black & blue colour, from a well-known UK sponge manufacture. Each sponge is 10x10cm base with height choices of 15cm, 18cm and 20cm, giving you a very big surface area for the beneficial bacterial to grow on. They are suitable for tank height up to 45cm, width up to 50cm.

    The uplift tube – We focused on this part during 3 months of testing, and we’ve come up with an enhanced way to make the tube, unlike the traditional simple-to-make one. We build the tube with the intake that actually acts as a whole chamber where the air bubbles are broken down into fine tiny bubbles. These bubbles rise up the tube they change the pressure causing the water to flow upward. The tube will draw water from the aquarium and pulling that water through the sponge surface (acting as a biological and mechanical filtration)

    The base – we personally source & cut the natural slate to use with the T2 filter. The filter will sink straight away when in the water, despite the huge sponge block. This is ideal to use in existing tank and also to replace your old filter. We also have the plexi glass (Perspex) base if you want to use this filter as pre-sponge filtration for your external filter, which can be used with the inlet on your filter and hang it anywhere on the back wall.

    We build this filter based on the concept of HMF (Hamburg Matten Filter), but the traditional HMF way requires some DIY modifications to your tank (silicone, putting foam sheets together etc…). You can place the T2 filter immediately in your tank, even existing tank.  And to clean the filter, simply lift the T2 filter out of the water and give a quick squeeze in old tank water, which is easier than with the traditional HMF filter.

    For your added convenience we have also made the T2 filter ready to use by providing an airline with an air valve at one end, simply connect this valve to your air pump, and that’s all it takes.

    We also offer bespoke filter making service to fit perfectly in your tank, please get in touch with your personal requirements

     Any questions please send us a message to info@shrimpcorner.co.uk





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    T2 HMF Sponge Filter

    T2 HMF Sponge Filter

    We offer no quibble refund on Satisfaction Guarantee - Simply return the filter to us within 30 days for a FULL refund.

    FREE UK Delivery 

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