Red Steel Shrimp

Shipping size is 1cm

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  • Name: Taitibee - RED STEEL (Cardina Cantonensis sp.)

    Grade: Red Steel

    Care Requirement: MEDIUM

    Maxium Growth Size: 2.5cm

    Water Parameters:

    pH: 5.5-6.2
    TDS: 120-140
    GH: 4-6
    kH: 0-1

    Temperature: 21-23 (optimum), but they can stay in 19 to 24 degree

    Shipping Size: 1-1.2cm

    - We ship at this size so that we can ensure the shrimp can adapt to your tank water easily, and less stress in transit

    - Also we can impartial on the sex of shrimps we are sending out as it is impossible to determine their sex at this size.


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    Red Steel Shrimp

    Red Steel Shrimp

    Shipping size is 1cm

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