10 x HIGH GRADE Red Galaxy Tiger...
10 x HIGH GRADE Red Galaxy Tiger...
10 x HIGH GRADE Red Galaxy Tiger...
10 x HIGH GRADE Red Galaxy Tiger...
10 x HIGH GRADE Red Galaxy Tiger...

10 x HIGH GRADE Red Galaxy Tiger Shrimp (Pinto Mosura Tiger)

All our shrimp for sale in this section are UK bred.

Standard shipping size is 1 to 1.2cm is maximum. 

Group of 10+1 shrimp, all HIGH GRADE - please see description & the photo of the exact HIGH GRADE for sale

Another name for this shrimp is Pinto Mosura Tiger - Grade SS - These shrimp has their price tag over 150euros each in Germany

We are selling in a group of 10 only because this is the decent colony size to start with. And we recommend you not to mix with another shrimp from different's blood - as this will damage the good breeding results in your offspring.


Name:  Red Galaxy Tiger Shrimp - Flowerhead Grade (group of 5)

Scientific species name: Caridina Cantonesis

Grade for sale: Galaxy Tiger is also advance nanashi, however the head pattern is clearly defined with markings, or spots, but the tail stripes are of nanashi tail's pattern.

Without back line, and we sell according to the grade of the shrimp.

Low Grade - Shrimp with 1 tail stripe, may be some cheek spots
Medium Grade - Shrimp with 2 tail stripes, may be some cheek spots & head pattern 
High Grade - Shrimp with 3 tail stripes, cheek spots or flower head pattern will be clearly defined.

Water parameters:

All these caridina species prefer aquarium with active soil. Active Soil is a substrate that buffer the Ph to be between 5 to 6.5, creating a thriving environment for freshwater shrimp species, especially for caridina shrimp. The recommended parameters are below

PH: 5.5 to 6.5
GH: 4-6
KH: 0 – 1
Nitrate: 0-20ppm for best results.
Temperature: can be anywhere between 20-23 degree but has to be stable.

Our recommendations:

The shrimp do well in a sizeable colony of between 10-20 shrimp. This is to ensure there is a good mixture of sexes within the colony. And the shrimp is more active once in numbers. We do not recommend keeping any fish with these shrimp species.

Usual maintenance: Feed the shrimp at least three times a week, with a wide range of foods. At Shrimp Corner, we feed our shrimp with Go Nature shrimp food, which is a natural shrimp food from natural ingredients. We also feed our shrimp with our A food, which is plant base protein containing seaweed, providing lean and optimal nutrients for shrimp. And once a week we feed our shrimp with Type B food, this is a protein base food to increase the growth rate of our shrimp, thus shrimp breed faster & females can carry more eggs. All of these foods were developed by us, over 10 years of breeding experience, we have bred thousands of shrimp.

On a serious note, do not feed shrimp with any foods contain copper.

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