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Baby Shrimp Shelter

Baby Shrimp Shelter

  • Good hiding place for baby shrimp when young
  • Hiding place for freshly moulted shrimp
  • Constant microorganism food source
  • Made in Japan
  • 20 shelter balls in 1 box

  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Multi Colours
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The surface of the Baby Shrimp Shelter is very large and microscopically rough due to the folds, whereby an important biofilm of algae and bacterial lawn settles quickly and in large numbers, so the Japanese Baby Shrimp Shelters could even be used as a biological filter medium. This biofilm is the optimal nutritional basis for baby shrimp and the large surface area of ​​the Baby Shrimp Shelter gives them a huge pasture area. Inside are the shelter gaps increasingly narrow, which means there is a lot of space where the biofilm of adult shrimp and other aquarium inhabitants can no longer be reached. Here the small baby shrimp can feed in peace and quiet, they often sit in large numbers in the small folds and graze the surfaces.

The shape of the Baby Shrimp Shelters has been developed in such a way that the small shrimp have plenty of space to graze on and, on the other hand, they can always find a place to retreat and shelter in close proximity. As soon as the baby shrimp feel a little uncomfortable, they simply step back a few steps and quickly retreat into the narrower folds of the Baby Shrimp Shelter, where they are safe. But baby shrimp also like to hide deep in the folds of the shrimp shelters when they moult, as there is a risk of cannibalism during and shortly after moulting. Compared to adult shrimp, juvenile shrimp have to moult very often because they grow very quickly. 

In the case of socialisation with fish or other predators that would eat newly hatched baby shrimp, or with high populations of shrimp and snails, which graze on the biofilm of surfaces and often leave nothing for the baby shrimp, the survival rate of the baby shrimp in the parent pool or community pool can be increased can be increased.

The baby shrimp shelters are made of a plastic (PVC) suitable for aquariums.

Recommended usage: 1 box of 20 shelters per 30L- 40L tank

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