Method & Dosage: using Fenbendazole

Fenbendazole usually comes in 3 X sachets, there's many brands of dog wormer i.e. panacur etc. 1 sachet contains 222mg best check info on the box

Making it mix and soluable with water is important.

The idea is to make the granules finer for water suspension, you could grind with a spoon etc maybe even before you open the sachet, especially important if it's granules and not fine powder

1) Fill 200ml of RO water or tank water into a jug and empty in 1 full sachet and stir lightly Please note this is an easy & accurate way of dosing but if only treating a single tank there will be waste

2) Pour jug into a small plastic bottle - food grade or a coffee jar. Make sure all chemical goes in

3) Shake bottle like mad to make it into a suspension then pour back into the jug Before it settles I used a 60 ml syringe to suck up the amount/dose I required for my tank capacity and direct it into the tank for all over distribution but any syringe will do It looks like a white gas when added so I stirred with a plastic ruler for even distribution. I believe for complete eradication it's important to distribute the chemical over all of the tank. If you have floating plants submerge them a few times I repeated same dosage 24 hours later using a new sachet) followed by a 10% water change 24 hours later, I did another 10% water change and although not required if you want a few days on you could put in a small internal filter stuffed with carbon. Water parameters never altered i.e. ph, TDS and ammonia levels .

A lot of the planaria died first treatment and all by second treatment I never lost a single shrimp including babies and berried females.�I am unsure how safe it will be with snails - it certainly did not kill pest snails, but maybe for those that keep snails it's worth removing them.

Dosage My tank was 70 litres with soil rocks etc so I treated for a 60 litre water capacity and used 32ml of the prepared mix On my small 30 litre I used 16ml both using syringe for amount IE this works out at 0.53 ml of the premixed sachet for 1 litre of tank water . But exact is not that important